Mr. Ronald Liang

Chairman, C Cheng Holdings Limited
Managing Director, LWK + PARTNERS
Ronald Liang is the Chairman of C Cheng Holdings Limited (stock code: 1486), the first
listed architectural service provider in Hong Kong and mainland China. He is also the
Managing Director of LWK + PARTNERS, an award-winning architectural firm with over
1,000 professionals across 11 offices in Hong Kong, PRC, Southeast Asia and MENA.
With four decades of experience in providing aspirational projects both in Hong Kong
and internationally, Ronald enjoys steering the Group in exploring new development
frontiers. He has the vision to guide clients in all aspects of development ranging from
mixed-use developments that incorporate infrastructure hubs to bespoke villas in
prestigious sites.
He is a strong believer in ‘giving back’. Ronald and his companies are devoted to
contribute to the society, such as partnering with St. James’ Settlement and Project
WeCan to support local schools.